Teaching in a Digital World

Introduction: Voki   Blog 1: Knowing & Protecting Your Digital Identity Blog 2: The Digital Divide: Who is effected? Blog 3: Digital Curation: Its place in the classroom Teaching Resource 1: Voki Teaching Resource 2: Kahoot Reference list Voki. (2016). My Voki [image]. Retrieved from http://www.voki.com/site/pickup?scid=12698512&width=575&height=323&chsm=463fc6d99d957696335e3a549a54d2e2 Advertisements

Knowing & Protecting Your Digital Identity

If you are online, you would have a digital identity. A digital identity is your presence in the digital world; be it personal, or professional. You may have control over some of the information you put out there, but in some cases, maybe not. Either way, whatever a person puts out online is there for all […]

The Digital Divide: Who is effected?

The need to include technology in the classroom is now more apparent than ever. It is ingrained into the Australian Curriculum as one of the eight key learning areas. One of its key components is the use of digital technologies, which requires students to “use computational thinking and information systems to define, design and implement […]

Digital Curation: Its place in the classroom

Digital curation is taking place right now in this blog. Capturing an image; referencing an article, or embedding someone else’s work is all a part of the digital curation process. “Curation is an act of creating new meaning by combining existing content with new perspective” (Minocha & Petre, as cited by Flintoff, Mellow & Clark, 2014). […]

Teaching Resource 1: Voki

My Voki Name of teaching resource: Voki Weblink:  http://www.voki.com/site/pickup?scid=12672886&width=575&height=323&chsm=1baa702d4a397dd0ef1f8b84a85d787f Who should this digital teaching resource be used with? (ie year/grade) Voki is an excellent teaching resource for middle to upper primary, years 3-6. It’s a fun way to create your own avatar and an interesting way for a child to demonstrate his/her learning. A primary […]