Knowing & Protecting Your Digital Identity

If you are online, you would have a digital identity. A digital identity is your presence in the digital world; be it personal, or professional. You may have control over some of the information you put out there, but in some cases, maybe not. Either way, whatever a person puts out online is there for all to see. What’s your digital identity?

How this information is perceived is out of the user’s control, which is where appropriateness comes in to play. If your digital identity is easily accessible, do you really want to share information and photos which may be deemed inappropriate in certain groups?

(Career Rocketeer, 2011)

How can we combat this?
More to the point, are we able to?

With the influx of social media sites, it is now even harder to keep information solely to yourself, or close friends. Most social media sites, like Facebook, have privacy settings allowing you to hide certain information. However, it is important to constantly review and update them as these settings are always changing.


Think your information is private?
Check this out!

(Joaquin E. Jutt, 2009)

So, with all of this information out there, what should you do?
It’s really quite simple…

  1. Think about what you are posting, or sharing, before you send it
  2. Treat others online as you would like to be treated
  3. Set your profile to private, if you can
  4. Keep an eye on photos you have been tagged in and remove any that are offensive
    (Digital Reputation, n.d).

These basic points should be taught at an early age. Although primary school aged children may not be on social media, they can still have an online presence in forums, or emails. The ‘stop and think’ rule may sound simple, but can be easily forgotten.

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