Digital Curation: Its place in the classroom

Digital curation is taking place right now in this blog. Capturing an image; referencing an article, or embedding someone else’s work is all a part of the digital curation process. “Curation is an act of creating new meaning by combining existing content with new perspective” (Minocha & Petre, as cited by Flintoff, Mellow & Clark, 2014). Even that quote has been curated. The existing content has been taken from elsewhere and placed into a learning context. Thus, highlighting the relevance of the curation process in schools.

digital curation.jpg
(Learning Solutions Magazine, 2012)

Digital curation allows you to filter out the junk and the irrelevant search results and place everything you need into a one stop shop of information. Children are becoming much more tech-savvy when using search engines; who knows what they could find?

Now all we need to ask is…

(Tes, n.d)

Excellent questions, now let’s start with one of the most popular curation web tools…

(, n.d) collates work from online publications using an online magazine format, and this visual impact alone makes it very effective (Johnson, 2013). Source what you want, filter out all the junk and then ‘’. Upload it to your site, add your own comments and compile all of the information you need.

Why is it so good?

  • It’s visual – perfect for students
  • It’s mobile – scoop on the go!
  • Filter out the junk – eliminate the inappropriate content
  • Teaches effective use of keyword searches

Not sold on Never fear, more curation tools are here!

(Storify, 2016)
(Odyssey, 2016)
(Pearltrees blog, n.d)

If you want to know more about Storify, check out my work on the Digital Divide.
Still not convinced about digital curation? All the helpful tips and tricks are right here…

(Elizabeth Homan, 2014)

My advice though, is to just give it a go.  This is an easy way to put together a lesson, or store informative websites, which then allows students to explore content for assignments, or projects. Scoop, store, or collate some information and start curating!

(hereisafantasy, 2012)

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